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Welcome to Daphne Leahy-Matteo

Welcome to Daphne Leahy-Matteo

Welcome to Daphne Leahy-MatteoWelcome to Daphne Leahy-Matteo


I see adolescents and adults of all ages--individually, in couples and in ongoing psychotherapy groups. My practice is LGBT friendly and helps individuals from many cultural backgrounds.
Work typically entails weekly visits, running anywhere from a few months to a year or more.

If necessary, extra sessions can be scheduled. If you are coming in to work with a single incident trauma that is very specific in nature, several sessions may be all you need.

Group therapy can be a valuable complement to individual treatment. It gives you the opportunity to look at how you interact as well as how others see you

My areas of specialization include relationship issues (to money, business, others, self), anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

Fees are reimbursable by insurance with
out-of-network benefits.